[macs-faculty] Frontier annual report

Mayank Varia varia at bu.edu
Tue Jul 12 15:34:32 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

It is time to prepare the Frontier grant's annual report. Within the next
two weeks, please respond to the 11 questions listed below. I will
aggregate all of the responses into a single report that every institution
can submit. When answering these questions, remember not to double-count
any people/activities that you have previously credited toward an Eager

*Participants and products*

1. Update your sheet within the attached Excel spreadsheet
(participants.xlsx) listing your students and postdocs who participated in
the Frontier grant. Include the number of months they worked on the grant
from Oct 2015 to Sept 2016.

2. Email me a bibtex file with all published/accepted/submitted papers for
which you acknowledged the Frontier grant’s support. Also, tell me about
other research products, like open-source software.

*Research accomplishments*
*Describe all of your technical accomplishments for the year. Please give
us text snippets that we can use when we aggregate responses and write a
single report.*

3. Summarize your major research accomplishments. Reference the attached
milestones (milestones.docx) and the action items that we pledged to do
after the year 1 site visit (action-items.docx) as appropriate.
4. Explain the impact of your research to academia or society.
5. Describe in detail one activity you conducted this year. Explain the
technical problem you address, your results, and their impact.
6. Cite/link to any awards or honors received (e.g., best paper awards), or
any popular media describing your work.
7. Describe changes in research approach or milestones from the original
proposal, if any.

*Education and outreach*
*Please describe how the grant helped you or your students expose science
to members of the public. Quotations from your target audience help
immensely, but please tell us how publicly we may share them: with NSF
only, post on the MACS website, etc.*

8. Describe any tech transfer to industry or government (e.g., serving on a
standards panel).
9. Describe educational activities made possible by the grant (e.g., a new
class or workshop).
10. If you supported any postdocs, please summarize mentoring activities
11. If you committed to an outreach activity in the original MACS proposal
(outreach.pdf), please detail the activities you conducted this year and
the outcome/impact of these efforts.

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