[macs-faculty] Draft of Frontier annual report

Ran Canetti canetti at bu.edu
Wed Aug 10 22:55:01 EDT 2016

Hi All - just a short note to:

-Thank Mayank for the Herculean effort of putting together the report 
from all the little pieces, and so nicely. Wow.

-Explain some of the backdrop: In a phone meeting with the NSF people 
(Nina etal) they kept pressing the point of composition being the glue 
that makes this a single project rather than many separate ones. The 
comment was made at the original comments to the proposal, at the first 
year visit, and now on phone.  We also talked off-the-record with PIs of 
other projects that got cuts after 2nd year visit and they said the NSF 
really goes by the initial comments.   I know we discussed the option of 
moving to a more loose view of "composition"  but I dont think it is (or 
was)  going to fly.   So we need to show off composition. We do have 
some stuff to show (see report, and also  will discuss at PI meeting) 
but there can/should of course be more.

BTW, we have a pretty rigid schedule for the site visit, Mayank 
promised  he will send more details as soon as he calms down from the 
report. Just one thing: It was made pretty clear to us that all PIs are 
expected to show up for all of the first day (thu oct 6th) modulo 
teaching , and  also few hours on the second day.  Also they will be 
handing out to use a set of questions by the end of the first day, and 
will expect a 3-4 page written answer by 8am the next morning...    
(good think I did bootcamp in army, to prepare me for nsf sitevisits...)


On 8/10/2016 1:19 PM, Mayank Varia wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Please find attached to this email a draft of this year's annual 
> report. It encompasses all of the information you told me (or at 
> least, everything that we could fit within the space limits) and tries 
> to explain/highlight the connections between people and research efforts.
> We need to submit the report to NSF asap. So, if you have any 
> comments, please send them to me by Thursday night/Friday morning so 
> we can incorporate them before submitting.
> Thanks,
> Mayank
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