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Subject: [DistComp] CFP: Special Issue on Cloud Computing in Science &
Engineering, in the the IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE)
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[Apologize for multiple/cross-postings]

Call for Papers

IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering

Special Issue on Cloud Computing in Science & Engineering


Submissions due: November 04, 2012

Estimated Publication date: July/August, 2013

Cloud computing has emerged as a dominant paradigm that has been
widely adopted by enterprises. Clouds provide on-demand access to
computing utilities, an abstraction of unlimited computing resources,
and support for on-demand scale up, scale down and scale out. Clouds
are also rapidly joining more traditional computing platforms as
viable platforms for scientific exploration and discovery, and
education. As a result, understanding application formulations and
usage modes that are meaningful in such a hybrid infrastructure, what
are the fundamental conceptual and technological challenges, and how
applications can effectively utilize it, is critical.

The goal of this special issue of CiSE is to explore how Clouds
platforms and abstractions, either by themselves or in combination
with other platforms, can be effectively used to support real-world
science and engineering applications. Topics of interest include (but
are not limited to)         algorithmic and application formulations,
programming models and systems, runtime systems and middleware,
end-to-end application workflows and experiences with real

Published by the IEEE Computer Society, Computing in Science &
Engineering magazine features the latest computational science and
engineering research in an accessible format, along with departments
covering news and analysis, CSE in education, and emerging

We strongly encourage submissions that include multimedia, data, and
community content, which will be featured on the IEEE Computer Society
website along with the accepted papers.

For more information please see

Contact guest editors Manish Parashar, Rutgers University (parashar at
rutgers.edu) or George K. Thiruvathukal, Loyola University Chicago
(gkt at cs.luc.edu).

Submission Guidelines

Authors are asked to submit high-quality original work that has
neither appeared in nor is under consideration by other journals.  All
submissions will be peer-reviewed following standard journal
practices. Manuscripts based on previously published conference papers
must be extended substantially to include at least 30 percent new
material. Manuscripts should be written in the active voice, should be
no longer than 7,200 words (counting each standard figure and table as
250 words), and should follow the style and presentation guidelines of
CiSE (see www.computer.org/cise/author for details).

Please submit your article using the online manuscript submission
service at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/cs-ieee. When uploading
your article, select the appropriate special-issue title under the
category “Manuscript Type.” Also include complete contact information
for all authors. If you have any questions about submitting your
article, contact the peer review coordinator at cise at computer.org.

Ivan Rodero, Ph.D.
Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2)
NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing (CAC)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Office: CoRE Bldg, Rm 625
94 Brett Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8058
Phone: (848) 228-6474
Fax:   (732) 445-0593
Email: irodero at rutgers dot edu
WWW: http://nsfcac.rutgers.edu/people/irodero

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