[Kittyhawk] finally starting the Kitty Hawk project

Patrick Dreher dreher at mit.edu
Thu Nov 3 01:43:13 EDT 2011

Hi Jonathan,


I will be in Boston on Friday and was wondering if you or one of your grad
students who has used Kittyhawk might have some time in the afternoon to
show me how Kittyhawk works on the Argonne Surveyor machine at ALCF.    Hope
to see you on Friday.


Best regards,




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Hi Patrick,


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  Just to let you know you
may find it useful to subscribe to the

the kittyhawk mailing list and post question there.   You can subscribe at

This should not be too hard to sort out as kittyhawk on surveyor is being
used on a regular basis.  The easiest

thing might be to try and coordinate a time so that one of us can do it with
you via vnc session.





On Oct 4, 2011, at 4:37 PM, Patrick Dreher wrote:

Hi Jonathan,


How are you?    Hope you had a good summer.


After many delays, I finally have an allocation on the ALCF Surveyor
machine.  I have logged onto your Kittyhawk website and read the information
there.  I have tried  to use the demo material but unfortunately the demo on
the webpage could not be made to work.


When one tries to start a session I run the qsub  -n 64  -t  30............

Which should generate a


Instead when I cat the khctlserver I get a blank file


dreher at login2.surveyor:~/25494> cat /home/dreher/25494/khctlserver


dreher at login2.surveyor:~/25494>


I believe that I should get an IP address.?


Have any of your grad students ever tried to get Kittyhawk to work?  If so I
would appreciate having a conversation with them.


Any information appreciated.







Patrick Dreher

Visiting Scientist

MIT Lab for Nuclear Science


Cambridge, MA  02139

Ph:  617-258-5446




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