[Kittyhawk] networks on kh

Jan Stoess stoess at kit.edu
Mon Jul 11 03:27:23 EDT 2011

That should work, actually. I'm doing torus-based networking it all the time for my experiments.

I'm using the khbootapp script here: /bgsys/argonne-utils/profiles/kh/scripts/khbootapp. Afair, the basic idea of those boot scripts is to poke in config values into each node; this is done by stuffing (via the khconsole) commands into u-boot running on each compute node waiting for boot instructions. Before booting Linux, U-boot puts network configuration params into the FDT, Linux boot process then transforms those FDT entries into in the /proc nodes, under /proc/device-tree/u-boot-env. You have to run init script code on each appliance that translates those values into ethXYZ and routing config params. In the sample appliances, /init, /khannounce.init /route.init and so on will do this for you -- if you create your own appliance, you will have to provide the same code.


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> I had this remaining question about kh, which was that I did not seem to have
> connectivity to other nodes on torus -- I had an eth that seemed to get me to
> the io node, but no way to go cpu node to cpu node.
> I need this worked out for kyoto tycoon, any hints here?
> ron
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