[Dmbu-l] Reminder: Talk Today!

Natali Ruchansky natalir at bu.edu
Tue Nov 17 07:57:30 EST 2015

Hi data groupies,

Just to remind you we have a group seminar today.  Unless you are not in
Boston or have a conflict, please come!

11am MCS 148.

*Speaker*: Merrielle Spain (Lincoln Labs)
*Title*: Discovering and Interpreting Overlapping Communities in Graphs
*Abstract*: Graph communities reveal efficient resource configurations,
simplify structure for supervised learning, and identify individuals of
interest. In graphs such as communication networks, nodes naturally belong
to multiple communities. Link clustering captures this by enabling nodes to
inherit community membership from their edges [Ahn et al., 2010]. We
identified how link clustering scales and harnessed this insight to
increase speed. We then temporarily removed high-degree nodes to further
increase speed. Finally, we considered measuring cluster quality with
incomplete ground truth and interpreted clusters using metadata.

Natali :)
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