[Dmbu-l] Talk by Pauli Miettinen Tuesday 4/28 at 11 am MCS 148

Dora Erdos edori at bu.edu
Tue Apr 28 10:47:38 EDT 2015

Hi All,

Pauli's talk is today!


On Fri, 24 Apr 2015, Dora Erdos wrote:

> Hi All,
> we have a visitor next Tuesday. Come to his Talk!
> Dora
> Speaker:  Pauli Miettinen, Max Planck Institut for Informatics
> Time and location: Tuesday, 4/28/2015 11-12 am. MCS 148.
> Title: Matrix Factorizations Over Non-Conventional Algebras in Data Mining
> Abstract
> Matrix factorization methods---and more broadly, linear-algebra-based 
> methods---are well-used and well-loved in data mining. Most popular methods 
> are based on the standard linear algebra, but recent years have seen 
> increased interest in methods based on non-conventional algebras, most 
> notably, the Boolean algebra. Using non-standard algebras can have multiple 
> benefits: the factor matrices can be sparser or easier to interpret, for 
> example, but most importantly, it will allow us to find structures different 
> to those we find using the standard linear algebra.
> In this talk, I will cover the basic ideas behind the Boolean matrix 
> factorization and its recent developments and applications both in data 
> mining and in related areas. We will also see some other non-standard 
> algebras, such as tropical and subtropical algebras, and their potential 
> applications to data mining problems. In the end, I will briefly discuss 
> ongoing work on generalizing the concept of outer product and approaching the 
> matrix factorizations from this point of view.
> Bio:
> Pauli did his PhD at University of Helsinki, Finland, in Prof. Heikki 
> Mannila's group, where he graduated at 2009. After a short post-doc period at 
> Helsinki, he moved to Max-Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken, 
> Germany, where he is currently a senior researcher and the leader of research 
> field Data Mining. His current research focus is on redescription mining and 
> non-conventional matrix and tensor factorizations and their applications to 
> data mining. His work has appeared in numerous publications in top data 
> mining and theoretical computer science venues. He has received two best 
> paper awards and an honorary mention at 2010 ACM SIGKDD Doctoral dissertation 
> awards. While he insists that 1+1=1, he accepts that other people might have 
> different opinions.

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