[Dmbu-l] Talk by Nicola Perra (MoBs Lab NEU) Friday 10/3 10:30 am MCS 148

Dora Erdos edori at bu.edu
Thu Sep 25 10:29:47 EDT 2014

Hi All,

Friday 10/3 Nicola Perra is going to give a talk on Modeling dynamical 
processes on complex networks. Nicola has a PhD  in physics in the field 
of complex networks science and statistical mechanics. Until recently he 
was a post-doc at MoBs lab, he continues to stay there as an associate 
research scientist.

Nicola will be available after the talk. Let me know if you would like to 
meet him and whether you have any time preference.

FYI we have invited speakers for both the two weeks following Nicola too.



Modeling Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks


The spreading of infectious diseases, malwares, scientific ideas, memes 
are just few example of real world phenomena that can be modeled as 
dynamical processes on networks. In some cases, like for the spreading of 
a pandemic, the timescale governing disease's diffusion can be decoupled 
from the timescale driving human contacts. In others, like for the 
spreading of memes on social networks, the two timescales cannot be 
separated. Indeed, the concurrence, duration and order of contacts are 
crucial ingredients for the diffusion.
During my talk I will first tackle the first limit presenting a realistic 
predictive data-driven model that considering the time-scale separation 
between human interactions and force of infection simulate the global 
spreading of influenza like illness. I will then tackle the second limit 
presenting a novel mathematical framework for the modeling of highly 
time-varying networks and processes. In particular, I will focus on 
epidemic spreading, random walks, and controlling strategies on temporal 

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