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This might be better to watch after the fact on video; it will probably be

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>Happening Tomorrow:
>Big Data Lecture Series Talk by*Andrew Ng, *Associate Professor of
>Computer Science at Stanford University***.*
>*Date: Thursday, September 25th, 2014*
>*Time: 11am-12pm*
>Location: Green Building, Building 54, Access Via 21 Ames Street, Room
>Talk Title: "Deep Learning: Overview and Trends"
>Abstract: Deep learning is the leading approach to many problems in
>computer vision, speech recognition, NLP, and other areas.In this
>presentation, I will give a broad overview of deep learning.I will
>discuss the key reasons for its success, and the important role that
>scalability plays.I will also describe unsupervised learning approaches
>to deep learning--such as the "Google cat" result, in which a neural
>network learned to recognize cats by watching unlabeled YouTube
>videos--and discuss why this might become increasingly
>important.Finally, I will discuss recent trends in deep learning,
>andsome possible future applications.
>Bio:Andrew Ng is Chief Scientist of Baidu; Chairman and Co-founder of
>Coursera; and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford
>In 2011 he led the development of Stanford University's main MOOC
>(Massive Open Online Courses) platform and also taught an online Machine
>Learning class to over 100,000 students, leading to the founding of
>Coursera.Ng's goal is to give everyone access to a great education, for
>free.Today, Coursera partners with top universities to offer online
>courses.With over 9 million students, it is the world's largest MOOC
>Ng also works on machine learning, with an emphasis on deep learning.He
>had founded and led the "Google Brain" project, which developed
>massive-scale deep learning algorithms.This resulted in the "cat"
>result, in which a massive neural network with 1 billion parameters
>learned from unlabeled YouTube videos to detect cats. More recently, he
>is working to build up Baidu Research, which is developing applications
>of large scale deep learning to computer vision, speech, NLP, and other
>Recent awards include being named to the Time 100 list of the most
>influential people in the world; Fortune 40 under 40; and being named by
>students as one of the top 10 professors across Stanford University.
>Please note: this talk will be video recorded and will be made available
>on http://bigdata.csail.mit.edu/ 24-48 hours following the event.
>Thank you,
>Susana Kevorkova
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>Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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