[Dmbu-l] db seminar, Friday, 9/12 10:15 MCS 148

Dora Erdos edori at bu.edu
Mon Sep 8 12:46:30 EDT 2014

Hi All,

this is a reminder that our first DB seminar will be this Friday, 9/12 at 
10:15 am in MCS 148. This session will be to discuss the schedule for this 
semester's meetings.

Preparation: Most likely we won't have speakers for every week, hence I 
would like to suggest the following. During your research I am sure 
everyone had to read up on a topic that was outside of your expertise. For 
example, lately I have been reading a lot on properties of positive 
semidefinite matrices. Since the tools/topics that you needed for 
your research might also be useful for others in the group, I suggest that 
everyone prepares a short talk on some topic that they found useful. You 
don't need to make slides, just a short white-board presentation and we 
all understand that you are not an expert on the topic.  If everyone could 
think of such a topic for Friday's meeting, then we could schedule every 
person for a presentation on the weeks that we don't have a speaker. Do 
you like this idea?

Schedule: We already have two confirmed speakers: 9/19 Yishou Sun from CS 
Northeastern Univ. on mining heterogenous networks and 10/3 Nicola Perra 
modeling dynamical processes on complex networks from MOBS lab at NEU.

If you have any suggestions whom to invite, pelase contact me.


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