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Subject: FW: NYTimes data scientist Friday 10/31 at Maxwell Dworkin

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Subject: FW: NYTimes data scientist Friday 10/31 at Maxwell Dworkin

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Subject: NYTimes data scientist Friday 10/31 at Maxwell Dworkin
Dear Harvard media colleagues,

The chief data scientist of the NYTimes, Chris Wiggins, will be speaking this week on Friday October 31 in Maxwell Dworkin (G115)on how the Times is leveraging data science to extend its reach. He will be at the bi-weekly seminar held by Harvard's Engineering School's Institute for Applied Computational Science (of which I'm the new executive director).
Here's some more info:http://iacs.seas.harvard.edu/iacs-seminars

Cathy Chute
(former Harvard Magazine Publisher!)

Catherine Chute
Executive Director
Institute for Applied Computational Science
Harvard - SEAS
52 Oxford Street  B165
Cambridge MA 02138
cathy_chute at harvard.edu<mailto:cathy_chute at harvard.edu>
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