[Dmbu-l] Decide on time and day for group seminar and journal club

Evimaria Terzi evimaria at bu.edu
Wed Sep 18 11:09:24 EDT 2013

Hi all, I suggest that we do it on Fri, since this is a day without 


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"
(A. Einstein)

On Wed, 18 Sep 2013, Charalampos Mavroforakis wrote:

> Hi all,
> Let's try and get our group seminar running again. We first need to decide on a day and time that fits our schedules. Here is a doodle to
> show your availability http://doodle.com/5bmnxb6besrh4fcy
> Also, let's try to run a journal club as well. The idea is that we will present and discuss papers that are considered either "classics",
> "groundbreaking" or just interesting.  I have created another doodle for this reason http://doodle.com/2bmqckeaxc7adnkf
> Thanks
> Harry Mavroforakishttp://cs-people.bu.edu/cmav/

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