[Dmbu-l] your contribution to the datasetwiki

Evimaria Terzi evimaria at bu.edu
Fri Apr 5 16:23:11 EDT 2013

Dear members of the bu data management group list,

I would like to invite you to use datasetwiki.bu.edu. It is a wiki site that stores links and
information about datasets that are available on the internet. 

The idea is that the dataset wiki acts as a collection of resources for 
data-analysis research.

To add a new dataset, just enter the name in the "Create a new page" input box and click "create
page". There will be a template on the new page to guide you as to how to enter the information for
the dataset. 

Also, please only enter 1 link per page. Each page is meant to refer to a single dataset, not a group
of datasets. The links are being stored, and on every page edit, the uniqueness of the link is being
verified, so you cannot have two pages that contain the same link. If multiple links are entered only
the first one will be saved for verification.

Please email any suggestions or bugs you have to budatasetwiki at gmail.com

This work is part of Nikka Ghalili's master thesis and therefore we would 
encourage you to contribute with some entries before Nikka graduates -- so 
that he sees this being used.

thanks a lot for your contribution

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