[Dmbu-l] Peer and Authority Pressure in Information-Propagation Models [TOMORROW 09/28 @ 12:00 pm in MCS 148]

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Tue Sep 27 14:53:33 EDT 2011

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011
12:00 pm -13:00 pm
MCS 148

*Peer and Authority Pressure in Information-Propagation Models*
George Brova
Boston University

 Existing models of information diffusion assume that peer influence is the
main reason for the observed propagation patterns. In this paper, we examine
the role of authority pressure on the observed information cascades. We
model this intuition by characterizing some nodes in the network as
“authority” nodes. These are nodes that can influence large number of peers,
while themselves cannot be influenced by peers. We propose a model that
associates with every item two parameters that quantify the impact of the
peer and the authority pressure on the item’s propagation. Given a network
and the observed diffusion patterns of the item, we learn these parameters
from the data and characterize the item as peer- or authority-propagated. We
also develop a randomization test that evaluates the statistical
significance of our findings and makes our item characterization robust to
noise. Our experiments with real data from online media and
scientific-collaboration networks indicate that there is a strong signal of
authority pressure in these networks.
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