[cs-talks] Nabeel Akhtar Oral Exam, Mon. 10/2 @ 11am in MCS 148

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Fri Sep 29 13:03:26 EDT 2017

Resource Allocation for Virtualized Functions
Nabeel Akhtar, PhD Oral Exam
Monday, October 2 at 11am in MCS 148


The virtualization of network functions aims to decouple network software from proprietary, dedicated hardware appliances, termed “middleboxes" (e.g., traffic shapers, Network Address Translation boxes). Similarly, application virtualization allows an application to work in an isolated virtualized environment. Moreover, in cloud-based or service-oriented application architectures, an application can be composed of the services of many application components, where each service component can run virtualized. Thus, under function (service) virtualization, (virtual) functions can run on any general-purpose device within a virtual machine, in an operating system container, or as a serverless “Function as a Service" (FaaS).

The flexibility with which (virtual) services can be deployed and managed — i.e., chained, allocated resources, migrated — allows their hosting “close" to the users, in an edge cloud/datacenter, thus meeting the application requirements of ultra-low latency and high throughput.

The deployment and management of virtualized services is a complex problem, and none of the academic solutions have widespread commercial adoption. In this talk, I will discuss the current state of the art in resource allocation for virtualized services and highlight open issues in this area.

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