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Thu Jul 27 14:00:07 EDT 2017

Customization and Reuse in Datacenter Operating Systems
Dan Schatzberg, PhD Defense
Friday, July 28th at 11:00am 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room CAS 326

Increasingly, computing has moved to large-scale datacenters where application performance is critical. Stagnating CPU clock speeds coupled with increasingly higher bandwidth and lower latency networking and storage puts an increased focus on the operating system to enable high-performance.

The challenge of providing high-performance is made more difficult due to the diversity of datacenter workloads such as search, video processing, distributed storage, and machine learning tasks. Our existing general purpose operating systems must sacrifice the performance of any one application in order to support a broad set of applications.

We observe that a common model for application deployment is to dedicate a physical or virtual machine to a single application. In this context, our operating systems can be specialized to the purposes of the application.

In this dissertation, we explore the design of the Elastic Building Block Runtime (EbbRT), a framework for constructing high-performance, customizable operating systems while keeping developer effort low. EbbRT adopts a lightweight execution environment which enables applications to directly manage hardware resources and specialize their system behavior. An EbbRT operating system is composed of objects called Elastic Building Blocks (Ebbs) which encapsulate functionality so it can be incrementally extended or optimized. Finally, EbbRT adopts a unique heterogeneous and distributed architecture where an application can be split between a server running an existing general purpose operating system and a server running a customized library operating system. The library operating system provides the mechanisms for application execution including primitives for event driven programming, componentization, memory management and I/O.

We demonstrate that EbbRT enables memcached, an in-memory caching server, to achieve more than double the performance with EbbRT than with Linux. We also demonstrate that EbbRT can support more full-featured applications such as a port of Google’s V8 javascript engine and nodejs, a javascript server runtime

Room: CAS 326
Date and Time: 11 AM July 28th
Prof. Jonathan Appavoo
Prof. Richard West
Prof. Hongwei Xi
Prof. Orran Krieger

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