[cs-talks] FW: Wednesday at Hariri 3/15, Featuring Jacob Groshek

Devits, Christopher R cdevits at bu.edu
Mon Feb 27 07:54:53 EST 2017

Please join us on Wednesday, March 15th for our Wed at Hariri/Meet Our Fellows talk, which will be given by Jacob Groshek, Hariri Institute Fellow and Assistant Professor, Emerging Media Studies. In her presentation, Professor Sharifzadeh will provide an overview of the intersection of social media platforms and how audiences use and create content in unique contexts. Additionally, the research presented will look at participation in politics as it relates to using different forms of social media, including streaming television and the notion of filter bubbles and echo chambers.

Additionally, the event will feature a brief research preview, given by Shahrooz Zarbafian, Graduate Student Fellow and PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Zarbafian’s research focuses on developing computational tools to facilitate the drug discovery process where the goal is to discover new drugs or identify effective current medications for treating emerging diseases.

Keywords: social media, politics, content creation, information flow, communication technologies, drug discovery, computational protein docking, bioinformatics

Event URL:  http://www.bu.edu/hic/2017/02/24/jacob-groshek-institute-junior-faculty-fellow-to-give-mar-15-2017-meet-our-fellows-talk/

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 15th, 2017, 2:30 – 5:00 pm

Location: Hariri Institute for Computing, 111 Cummington Mall, Room 180; Boston, MA

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