[cs-talks] Computer Science Seminar - Monday May 2, 3:00PM Hariri Seminar Room

Devits, Christopher R cdevits at bu.edu
Mon May 2 09:45:10 EDT 2016

Algorithm Design Approaches to Optimization Problems

Olga Lepsky, Boston University
Monday May 2, 2016
Hariri Seminar Room, 3:00PM

Abstract: In the talk we will consider the famous knapsack optimization problem, and the three algorithmic approaches for solving it: exhaustive search, greedy, and dynamic programming. We will decide which of these algorithms guarantee to produce the optimal solution, and compare their time complexity.

Bio: Olga Lepsky is currently teaching at CS Department of Boston University. Previously she taught Computer Science and Mathematics at UMass Lowell, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Northeastern University. She holds a PhD in Mathematics from Brown University, where she worked on novel numerical methods for PDEs. Her current interests are data science, machine learning algorithms, and computer science education.
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