[cs-talks] PhD Thesis Defense, Xianrui Meng - Mon July 25, 2016 at 11:00am in MCS 148

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PhD Thesis Defense
Xianrui Meng, BU
Monday, July 25th, 2016 at 11:00 am in MCS 148

Abstract: In today's internet, with the advent of cloud computing, there is a natural desire for enterprises, organizations, and end users to outsource increasingly large amounts of data to a cloud provider. Therefore, ensuring security and privacy is becoming a significant challenge for cloud computing, especially for users with sensitive and valuable data. Recently, many efficient and scalable query processing methods over encrypted data have been proposed. Despite that, numerous challenges remain to be addressed due to the high complexity of many important queries on encrypted large-scale datasets.

In this thesis studies the problem of privacy-preserving database query processing on structured data (e.g., relational and graph databases). In particular, this thesis proposes several practical and provable secure structured encryption schemes that allow the data owner to encrypt data without losing the ability to query and retrieve it efficiently for authorized clients. This thesis includes two parts. The first part investigates graph encryption schemes. This thesis proposes a graph encryption scheme for approximate shortest distance queries. Such scheme allows the client to query the shortest distance between two nodes in an encrypted graph securely and efficiently. Moreover, this thesis also explores how the techniques can be applied to other graph queries. The second part of this thesis proposes secure top-k query processing schemes on encrypted relational databases. Furthermore, the thesis develops a scheme for the top-k join queries over multiple encrypted relations. Finally, this thesis demonstrates the practicality of the proposed encryption schemes by prototyping the encryption systems to perform queries on real-world encrypted datasets.

George Kollios - Computer Science, Boston University
Seny Kamara
 - Computer Science, Brown University
Steve Homer
Computer Science, Boston University
Alina Oprea - Computer Science, Northeastern University, RSA Lab
Evimaria Terzi (Chair) -
Computer Science, Boston University
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