[cs-talks] Sanaz Bahargam, Thesis Proposal, 12/13 at 10am in MCS 148

Harrington, Jacob Walter jwharrin at bu.edu
Mon Dec 12 10:54:26 EST 2016

PhD Thesis Proposal
Computational Approaches to Educational Applications
Sanaz Bahargam, December 13, 2016, 10am – 12pm, MCS 148

Abstract:   The growth of online learning has enabled the collaboration of students at a scale that was unseen before. A crucial task in large online platforms is to form effective collaboration groups such that the group not only facilitates learners retention, but also develops important skills in critical thinking, self-reflection, and co-construction of knowledge. In addition, online learning is most effective when delivered by customized syllabus and study plans based on the difficulty of the materials and the requirements of the students.

This proposal thesis focuses on computational approaches to (1) forming efficient groups such that members can benefit from peer interaction and exposure to different ideas, (2) forming successful and fair teams such that teams are capable of completing the assigned tasks, (3) synthesizing customized syllabus and study plans.

Evimaria Terzi
Theodoros Lappas
George Kollios

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