[cs-talks] CS STUDENT POSTER SESSION (“Networks and Markets” & “Data Mechanics”)

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Wed Dec 7 15:19:52 EST 2016

Dear All,

Please join us for class poster presentations this Friday. Details are included below.

CS STUDENT POSTER SESSION (“Networks and Markets” & “Data Mechanics”)

The Hariri Institute is pleased to host a pair of student poster sessions this Friday, December 9th from 2-5PM, featuring 40 group projects completed by students enrolled in the fall course sections of CS 591 B1 and L1 taught by Professors Byers and Lapets, respectively.

Starting at 2PM, students from CS 591 B1 (“Networks and Markets”) will present posters describing data-analytic studies they have conducted or demoing data-driven applications they have prototyped. Course projects leverage online social networks to provide mentorship, hiring, and restaurant recommendations; build peer-to-peer and online marketing platforms; develop understanding of trending topics in social media; and conduct analyses of consumer behavior in Boston and NYC.

Starting at 3PM, students from CS 591 L1 (“Data Mechanics”) will present posters describing projects in which they worked with real data sets from the City of Boston, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and a variety of other sources to build applications and services that answer questions, perform analyses, and solve optimization problems related to the organization and characterization or urban resources in Boston. The projects deal with questions related to public transportation, crime, residential development, public health, and others. All the projects were assembled within a unifying framework that tracks data provenance and allows sharing of data sets.

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