[cs-talks] Computer Science Seminar - Monday April 25, 3:00PM Hariri Seminar Room

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Wed Apr 20 14:35:24 EDT 2016

Dogfooding: Separation of responsibility in single-page applications through internal APIs

Perry Donham, Boston University
Monday April 25, 2016
Hariri Seminar Room, 3:00PM

Abstract: The architectural design of an application often comes down to a single question: Where is the work done? Traditional client-server applications answer the question unequivocally: On the server. A new class of application, single-page (SPA), has blurred the separation of responsibility by moving data operations closer to the client. This talk discusses an approach that strictly segregates back-end models from front-end SPA views through use of an application-agnostic internal RESTful API, enhancing testability and re-use. While demonstration code will be in Javascript, the approach applies to most client-server application architectures.

Bio: Perry Donham has taught computer science at both the undergraduate and graduate level at Boston University for 17 years, first as an adjunct and more recently as a Lecturer in BUCS, where he offers CS101 and CS411 (Software Engineering). In a computing career that spans 25 years he has served as a programmer, system architect, marketing engineer, technical course developer, consultant, Director of Enterprise Computing Research, and was the founder and Publisher of KidPub Press, overseeing production of over 400 titles. In 1995 he launched one of the first sites on the world-wide web, a site that has been in continuous operation for 21 years. He received a BTEE from SUNY and an MSCS from BU.
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