[cs-talks] Student Seminar: Thursday Oct 1, 12:00 MCS148

Natali Ruchansky natalir at bu.edu
Tue Sep 29 08:10:05 EDT 2015

Hello friends,

This week the student seminar will meet at 12 (noon) on Thursday Oct 1st.

*Topic*: Pretty moving colors
*Speaker*: Mark Lemay
Mark has promised to mesmerize us with demos of moving colors.  After that
he'll explain the model (Fourier) and how it is in fact much more
beautifully-simply than we think.

Mark is also *practicing presentation style*, so please come and apply all
the rules and tools Jeffrey taught you last week!

Again there will be food, the talk will be very short, and the discussion
after is optional.

​Hope to see you there!​

Natali :)
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