[cs-talks] Student Seminar (GUEST SPEAKER) 12:00 Thursday Oct 29 MCS 148

Natali Ruchansky natalir at bu.edu
Mon Oct 26 10:41:23 EDT 2015

Happy Monday everyone,

This week we will have a visiting speaker, my friend Marcelo Coehlo. He has
a very long bio with many interesting contributions and awards, but the
nutshell version is that he comes from MIT Media Lab and now has his own
(You can see more information here:

This is his website: http://www.cmarcelo.com/
and this is one of my favorite projects of his:

It'll be *Thursday Nov 29, 12:00 *in MCS 148
Hope to see you there!

Natali :)

​PS. If anyone wants to chat with him after the talk just let me know.​
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