[cs-talks] MCS148 12:00 Pedro Domingos Webinar

Natali Ruchansky natalir at bu.edu
Tue Nov 24 07:42:56 EST 2015

Today at 12:00pm a few of us will be watching this webinar in MCS148 --
please join us if you're interested!

*Presenter: Pedro Domingos,*
*Title*: The Five Tribes of Machine Learning (And What You Can Learn from
*Summary* :
There are five main schools of thought in machine learning, and each has
its own master algorithm – a general-purpose learner that can in principle
be applied to any domain. The symbolists have inverse deduction, the
connectionists have backpropagation, the evolutionaries have genetic
programming, the Bayesians have probabilistic inference, and the
analogizers have support vector machines. What we really need, however, is
a single algorithm combining the key features of all of them. In this
webinar I will summarize the five paradigms and describe my work toward
unifying them, including in particular Markov logic networks. I will
conclude by speculating on the new applications that a universal learner
will enable, and how society will change as a result.


Natali :)
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