[cs-talks] Dan Schatzberg, Phd Thesis Proposal, May 26

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Tue May 19 16:20:45 EDT 2015

PhD Thesis Proposal
Customization and Reuse in Datacenter Operating Systems
Dan Schatzberg, Boston University
Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 11:00am in MCS 148

Cloud computing has changed the manner in which server applications are built and deployed. Cloud customers rent virtual machines that are typically specialized to a particular role such as a webserver or database. Despite this shift, our operating systems are still built for an environment where multiple users and applications share a fixed set of
hardware. This thesis describes a new approach to building systems software. In our approach, the operating system is comprised of a set of components that developers can extend, replace or discard in order to construct and deploy a particular application. We demonstrate that this approach enables significant performance advantages for datacenter applications with modest developer effort. We describe the design and implementation of the Elastic Building Block Runtime, a system adopting this architecture.

Jonathan Appavoo
Mark Crovella
Orran Krieger
Rich West
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