[cs-talks] Upcoming CS Seminars: PhD Proposal (Tues)

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Mon Dec 21 11:23:08 EST 2015

Ph.D Proposal
Practical Verifiable Computation: Function-specific constructions and a composition framework
Dimitris Papadopoulos, BU
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 10am in MCS 148

Abstract: An integral component of modern computing is the ability to outsource data and computation to powerful remote servers in order to alleviate storage and computational costs and achieve elasticity of resources. While this model of interaction benefits both enterprises and individuals, it also introduces the problem of integrity of computation as one’s data no longer resides within their "trusted" zone. In the cryptographic literature, this problem is addressed with the primitive of verifiable computation (VC) where is result of a computation is accompanied by a succinct and efficiently verifiable proof-of-correctness. In this talk, I will review two approaches for building VC schemes, general-purpose and function-specific, and I will compare the advantages and drawbacks of each one in terms of practicality. I will then propose a new scheme that efficiently accommodates verifiable set operations. Finally, I will discuss a novel approach for building VC schemes based on a VC composition framework that aims at achieving "best-of-both-worlds" characteristics.

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