[cs-talks] Giovanni Comarela's- oral exam, (Fri, Dec 18)

Greenwald, Faith fgreen1 at bu.edu
Wed Dec 16 12:37:13 EST 2015

Giovanni Comarela's oral exam
The Flattening of the Internet
Friday, December 18th at 11am in MCS148

Abstract: The goal of this talk is to discuss an important and recent transformation that is taking place in the Internet. Such transformation, known as the flattening of the Internet, consists of an increasing number of peering connections between Autonomous Systems, mainly due to the expansion of large content providers and popularizations of Internet eXchange Points. These new connections allow traffic patterns to shift from the usual way of how many-to-many communication in the Internet is achieved. More specifically, instead of depending on a transit hierarchy, many networks now can bypass transit providers, which brings possibilities for better services and lower costs. Hence, the flattening of the Internet is not simply a topological transformation, it has important implications, and it challenges academia and industry with regard to modeling, measurements, engineering and economics.

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