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Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
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Hi Everyone,

Comcast is holding a CTF (cybersecurity capture the flag competition) next
month and is very keen to have BU students participate.  This is a great
way to boost your resume and meet folks from industry, especially if you
are interested in a career in cybersecurity (or even if you are not).
Last year one of our BU teams won $10K in one of the contests!


Prize money:

IoT: $30K total
If we have less than 10 competitors - $15K 1st, $10K 2nd, $5K 3rd
If we have more than 10 competitors - $10K 1st, $7.5K 2nd, $5K 3rd, $3K
4th, $1K 5th

Social: $31K total
$10K 1st, $7.5K 2nd, $5K 3rd, $3K 4th, $1K 5th
Mid-competition prizes: $1K

CTF: $20K total
$8K 1st, $6K 2nd, $4K 3rd, $2K 4th, $1K 5th

The prizes will include combination of cash and physical prizes.  We were
thinking possibly giving Apple Watches to all 1st place winners, and other
lower priced items (Apple TV, tablet, Chromecast, etc.) for other winners.

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October 29-30, 2015

University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus

Hosted by the Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation (CSI) at
the University of Connecticut, CyberSEED brings together top information
security professionals and business leaders to discuss emerging
cybersecurity trends and formulate best strategies for tackling current and
future threats. In the same academic setting, dozens of universities and
high schools compete in unique cybersecurity challenges for prizes.

Announcing featured keynote address by internationally-renowed
cybersecurity technologist, thought leader and author Bruce Schneier.

In a two day conference, MIT scholar Dr. Srini Devadas, Rob Knake, Sr.
Fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations, and many other scholars,
experts, and practitioners will be sharing their thoughts on Emerging
Cybersecurity Trends on Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud and Mobility.

Registration is now open! <http://www.csi.uconn.edu/cyberseed>
                                             Join us and earn 16 CPE

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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