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Looks like a good opportunity...

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2014 Intel-NTU Summer Research Practicum/Internship

Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center

As the Internet, in due course, developed, more and more computing devices
became connected, in particular mobile devices. The Internet of Things
(IoT) is emerging and well underway, and the majority of internet traffic
will be dominated by things rather than by computers built to fit the needs
of humans. Scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators are seeking to make the
world a better place by addressing real and demanding problems by
leveraging the Internet of Things.

Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center (http://ccc.ntu.edu.tw)
conducts cutting edge theoretic and applied research into the Internet of
Things in well-equipped facilities, National Taiwan University, with
top-notch professors and researchers in the heart of Taipei. Summer interns
will work with university faculty, scientists and researchers who guide
through the summer experience, and essentially receive considerable
direction from their supervisors. The internship is intended to motivate
students both domestic and overseas to explore machine-to-machine (M2M) and
IoT research, and the goal is to help students understand challenges and
opportunities in incorporating everything around us into the Internet of
Things which collectively improve our daily lives in all aspects.


[image: 20140114 Xitou Group Photo]

Patrick Chiang, UW (2013)

Best Demo Award at the 18th Mobile Computing Workshop

Faculty, scientists, researchers, and staffs line-up

2014 Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center Retreat

*Research Themes:*

n   Crowdsourcing and Big Data Analytics

n   Security and Privacy in M2M Communications

n   Green Sensing Platforms and Connectivity Management

n   Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, and Intelligent Transportation Systems


This program, running from June 30 to September 5, 2014, is open to all
qualified undergraduate and graduate students and is committed to
addressing diversity in M2M/IoT research. Hands-on software/hardware
development, prototyping skills, self-motivated character, and fluency in
English are a bonus.


In addition to being under supervision of a professor/researcher, be
matched with a postdoctoral research fellow to guide you through day-to-day
activities, professional, social, community, networking or otherwise.


2014/3/31: Application Due

2014/4/15: Early Decision & Technical Phone Screen

2014/5/15: Final Decision

2014/6/30: Onboard

2014/9/5: SHOWTIME


Please send your (1) Application, (2) Statement of Purpose, (3) Transcript,
(4) Letters of Recommendation, (5) Certificate of Student Status, (6)
Certificate of Proficiency in English, (7) Curriculum Vitae, and
supplementary materials, if applicable, in the form of
FirstName.LastName_FormNumber.pdf as an archive under a name of
FirstName.LastName.zip by email with subject title "[APPLY] 2014 Intel-NTU
Internship - FirstName LastName" to event at ccc.ntu.edu.tw. Letter of
recommendation may be submitted separately should you prefer. Students in a
graduate degree must submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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