[Cs-contests] FW: Cybersecurity Essay Contest for Students

Sullivan, Theresa I tsull at bu.edu
Thu Apr 11 10:56:39 EDT 2013

On 4/10/13 10:20 AM, "Yassa, Dalia T" <yassa at bu.edu> wrote:

>Hi Theresa,
>Can you please blast the announcement below to you students. There is
>also a downloadable flyer at:
>On 4/8/13 1:21 AM, "Kevin Sullivan (TWC)" <Sullivan.Kevin at microsoft.com>
>>Hello Tanya,
>>I wanted to share with you a cybersecurity essay contest Microsoft's
>>Trustworthy Computing group is running for university students this
>>spring. Our intention is to generate unique research on both how to
>>measure the impact of cybersecurity policy around the world and how to
>>think about the dimensions of societal and technological change that we
>>can expect leading up to the year 2020. I think this will be an
>>interesting topic area for your students.
>>The specific research questions for the contest are:
>>(1) Which cybersecurity policy choices have the most impact on
>>cybersecurity outcomes and, based upon your answer, are there
>>"actionable" recommendations for policymakers?
>>(2) Given the growth in people, devices, and data connected to the
>>Internet, how should policymakers adapt current approaches, and are
>>there elements missing from the current policy landscape that should be
>>created, or existing instruments that should be deprecated?
>>We will be awarding cash prizes to the top three entries that we receive.
>>Entries must be received by 11:59pm PDT on June 14, 2013. Full details
>>on the contest are available at: http://www.microsoft.com/gssdcontest
>>Following is a link to a promotional flyer for the contest. I would
>>appreciate your passing this along within the university community.
>>Kevin Sullivan
>>Principal Security Strategist
>>Trustworthy Computing
>>KevSull at microsoft.com

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