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Subject: Summer Games AI Challenge

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for helping us out. Here is the blurb. if you can send it out to the grad and undergrad students at BU CS, it would be a big help!



Summer Games A.I. Challenge

InterviewStreet <http://interviewstreet.com/> will be starting its inaugural Summer Games AI Challenge this week!
The Summer Games will be a chance to brush up on your AI programming and compete against other top CS students from around the country.
All the challenges lead up to a massive AI competition at the end of the summer, featuring a very popular board game...
Prizes ranging from $250 - $1000 for best entry on each problem.

Check it out:  summergames.interviewstreet.com<http://summergames.interviewstreet.com/>

Contact: andrew at interviewstreet.com<mailto:andrew at interviewstreet.com%C2%A0>

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