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Sclaroff, Stan sclaroff at bu.edu
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A reminder about the upcoming student cluster competition.

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Subject: Student Cluster Competition, April 2-3

Hello Stan,

Just a quick reminder, the competition is coming up soon.  Students should email scc at eng-rt.bu.edu<mailto:scc at eng-rt.bu.edu> even if they don't know the membership of their team yet, just so we can get them on the mailing list to disseminate information, and if they're just individuals and would like to be assembled with others into a team, they should email too so that I can do that.

Thanks again for spreading the word!

BU Student Cluster Competition<http://www.bu.edu/engit/scc>
Saturday-Sunday, April 2-3, 2011

Fabulous prizes!
Real-world HPC experience!
Fame and glory!

…and the winning team will apply to compete in the intercollegiate competition<http://sc11.supercomputing.org/?pg=studentcluster.html> at the SC11 conference<http://sc11.supercomputing.org/>!

This is an opportunity to put all your hacking skills to the test.  Design and build a hardware and software solution  to solve several categories of real-world computational problems.  Entries will be run head-to-head and judged on brute force, efficiency, elegance, and creativity.

Undergrads only.  Seniors may compete but will not be eligible for SC11.  Teams of up to 6 students each, or individuals who’d like to be assigned to a team, should express interest to scc at eng-rt.bu.edu<mailto:scc at eng-rt.bu.edu> as soon as possible.

[cid:part1.05020902.05000504 at bu.edu]<http://www.bu.edu/engit/files/2011/02/sc10-lsu.jpg>


    * You may use whatever hardware and software you are able to beg or borrow, as long as your team and/or helpers can transport it to the competition location.
    * We recommend that your system be able to run off of no more than two NEMA 5-20 circuits, but systems with unique power requirements will be considered if you tell us in advance.
    * You will not be allowed to spend any more than $100 of your own or anyone else’s money.
    * The actual data of the real-world problems you will need to solve will not be revealed until the competition begins on Saturday April 2, but take a look at the SC11 applications  <http://sc11.supercomputing.org/?pg=studentcluster.html> and at past SCC competitions for a good idea of what we’ll be expecting.
    * Brute-force solutions will not necessarily beat creative or elegant solutions!

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