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Subject: Robots intellect

Dear colleagues,

My name is Tomas Proscevicius and I am writing on behalf of the Student
Science Association of Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). We would
like to invite You to attend a special event - the competition "Robots
Intelligence" - being held on May 4-5 in our University.

The competition "Robot intelligence - 2011" is the first competition of this
kind in the Baltic region. The aim of this event is to encourage interest in
intelligent control systems, electronics, robotics, mechatronics, and
artificial intelligence among European youth.
*The main task for participants of this competition*: Your handmade robot(s)
will have to find and fetch a 1 kilo "bag of gold". Robot, first to complete
task, will bring his creator a prize of 9000 Euros.

More information can be found at <http://www.robotsintellect.lt>

Also, You and Your robots will be able to participate in other tasks:
1. The presentation of your robot. Bring and demonstrate your handmade or
purchased, and programmed robot for everyone in the event. Three
participants who do that best and most creatively will be announced winners
by the commision, and will be awarded prizes.
2. Line tracking: a robot will have to follow a white line of certain
curvature autonomously (line width 5cm, length 10 m). The line will stretch
along floor and pavement. Three robots to finish the task in shortest time
will be the winners.
3. Labyrinth. A robot will have to pass through a simple labyrinth
autonomously. The length of labyrinth is about 5 m, height of the walls: 10
cm, walls made of white carton. Three robots to finish fastest will be the
4. Transportation of a ball. A robot will have to take a ball and bring it
to certain place. Diameter of the ball: 5 cm, weight: 50 g.
Please reply by 26 of April to confirm Your attendence.
We look forward to seeing You on May 4-5 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

PhD. Tomas Proscevicius
smd at ktu.lt<mailto:smd at ktu.lt>
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