[Cs-affiliates] Fall 2017 Departmental Luncheons

Leonid Levin lnd at bu.edu
Wed Sep 13 16:58:40 EDT 2017

 : From jwharrin at bu.edu  Wed Sep 13 11:38:48 2017
 : Since we will be bringing back the Departmental Luncheons for
 : this semester, I created a Google Doc to crowdsource some new
 : options for catering. Take a look and let me know your suggestions!
 : https://docs.google.com/a/bu.edu/spreadsheets/d/1zlaQzjDLyhsx1DyxMJT2xiqKF12hIq0Yi8CoRAIiGqA/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks, Jacob! Please also email the dates. Thanks!

P.S. I personally dislike Mexican food. You may poll others.
One more option you may consider is going to Hillel.
They have a large and beautiful space, tasty food,
and discounts for BU faculty and units.

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