[Cs-affiliates] Handling questions while Chris is out

Crovella, Mark E crovella at bu.edu
Thu Sep 7 20:44:42 EDT 2017

Dear Faculty,

While Chris is out taking well-deserved time to care for his new son, I want to give you some basic guidelines for getting questions answered and things taken care of.   If you have a question that you would normally take to Chris (and by question, I include things like “can you do such-and-such please?”) please do the following:  send your question to cs-staff at cs.bu.edu<mailto:cs-staff at cs.bu.edu>.   The staff will work together to decide who is best to handle the question, and in cases where it’s really needed, will “elevate” the question to Chris.  All of the staff (administrative and lab) are aware of this process and are ready to collectively address emails that come in to that address.

I will also mention some basic triage: PhD students and their issues should be taken to Jennifer;  MS students and their issues should be taken to Christian; and Jacob will take over issues regarding course registrations and classroom management.   Cristhel will be handling faculty actions (which should not affect most of you very much).

Thanks for everyone’s flexibility adapting and thanks to the staff for their extra efforts in particular.

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