[Cs-affiliates] You're Invited: The Many Facets of Cybersecurity Research | November 9, 4 p.m.

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Hi all,
The event below is organized by the Office of the Provost and is an opportunity to connect with the rest of the university on one of our strategic areas of growth/strengths (and also to show the size of our community)..
So, please try to attend (and RSVP so that you are counted!)

[ton University Research]<http://www.bu.edu/research/>


You're Invited

The Many Facets of Cybersecurity Research
Research on Tap: Meet, Greet, and Learn Series

Hosted by Ran Canetti<https://www.bu.edu/hic/profile/ran-canetti/>, Professor, Computer Science, CAS, and Director, Center for Reliable Information Systems & Cyber Security<https://www.bu.edu/riscs/> (RISCS)

In an age of high-profile hacking, mass information breaches, and crippling, daily malware attacks, our ability to keep information safe from harm is more pressing than ever. Join leading BU cybersecurity expert, Ran Canetti, for a discussion that tackles this timely issue through multiple disciplines and approaches, including:

  *   The engineering of computer systems that are resilient to errors and hacking;
  *   The design of algorithms that guarantee the privacy and authenticity of information and computations;
  *   Social issues, such as our expectations for personal privacy, the economic fairness of regulation, and the ubiquity of information systems;
  *   Economic incentives for consumers and vendors;
  *   Legal and political issues, such as the tension between liberty and government control and cybersecurity's role in international power struggles;
  *   And many more.

November 9, 2017

4-6 p.m.

Photonics Colloquium Room
8 St. Mary's Street, 9th Floor

BU Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Postdoctoral Scholars

Refreshments will be served

Attend this Research on Tap session to learn about some of the fascinating research being done at BU in these areas, and see how our scholars are working collaboratively to keep our information systems secure.

RSVP by November 6<http://www.bu.edu/research/the-many-facets-of-cybersecurity-research/>

Save this event to your calendar:
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