[Cs-affiliates] UPDATED CS poster / presentation sessions

Crovella, Mark E crovella at bu.edu
Wed Nov 29 14:11:57 EST 2017

Dear Faculty,

This is an UPDATE on the end-of-semester poster sessions during which students will present their project-based work in CS classes.

Note that there are a number of CORRECTIONS to the list, as well as additional information in some cases.

All sessions are open to all!  Hope to see you there!


Data Mechanics (CAS CS 591 L1) - Dec 8, 3:30PM - 6:30PM @ Hariri Seminar Room, room 180
Contact: Andrei Lapets

Mobile App Development (CS 591) - Dec 12, 3:30PM – 6:30PM @ CILSE Seminar Space, room 101
Contact: Shereif El Sheikh
Total Number of Students: 35
Total Number of Posters: 0 (This is just a presentation)
Students will be presenting a broad range of projects utilizing Android technologies.  All apps are data driven, many using advanced technologies including image processing, web scraping and geo location services.  All apps consume device sensor data and tie into social media platforms.

Machine Learning Poster Session (CS 542) – Dec 12, 4:00PM – 6:30PM (4PM) @ Hariri Seminar Room, room 180
Contact: Kate Saenko
Total Number of Students: 83
Total Number of Posters: 23 groups
The Machine Learning class will present their work applying ML techniques to a range of real-world data analysis and prediction problems. The projects were developed in collaboration with BU Spark! partner institutions and include: automatic tagging of photos from the international space station; predicting the sale value of real estate using photos; matching dating app users based on personal likes and dislikes, automatically generating news headlines from financial trading date, and more.

Data Science Poster Session (CS 506) – Dec 13, 1PM-4PM @ Hariri Seminar Room, room 180
Contact: Mark Crovella
Total Number of Students: 63
Total Number of Posters: 22 groups
Students will present a wide range of data-driven investigations, many of which were developed in collaboration with BU Spark! Partners such as NECIR, Thomson Reuters, Citizens for Juvenile Justice, and many others.

Spark! Ventures Demo Day (CS 491) – Dec 19, 5PM-7:30 @ Hariri Seminar Room, room 180
Contact: Ziba Cranmer
Total Number of Students: 15 total (Spark! Ventures and Fellows)
Total Number of Posters; 11 groups
The Spark! Demo day will feature students who have completed the Spark! Product innovation program. Projects range from an aircraft collision avoidance system to a platform to expedite the approval of college transfer credits through data science. Select Spark! X-Lab projects will also be featured including the “more than a mile” app created for the Boston Public Schools.

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