[Cs-affiliates] USNWR Global CS rankings - "absurd" according to CRA

Crovella, Mark E crovella at bu.edu
Mon Nov 13 17:19:06 EST 2017

In case you have not seen it, USNWR released “Global” rankings of CS departments last week.    It is very clearly flawed and is receiving enormous criticism.   CRA has made a valuable statement about the problems with the ranking at https://cra.org/crn/2017/11/cra-statement-us-news-world-report-rankings-computer-science-universities/.   (Note that this is different from the “US” rankings that are actually in process of being compiled right now.)

With this step, USNWR has reached absolute zero credibility in the CS research community.  It will be interesting to see whether this translates into any change in the perception of the rankings' value among the public at large (or among graduate applicants), or whether it results in any methodological changes in the future.


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