[Cs-affiliates] Several CS department printers to be replaced

Joseph Szep jszep at bu.edu
Fri Jun 23 11:54:06 EDT 2017

Hi all,

We will be replacing several of the departmental printers this summer.  We
will be retiring BULLWINKLE, CLUNKY, and ACRYLICS in MCS 205 and BLINKY in
PSY222 (64 Cummington St.).  We will be rolling these out gradually.  Right
now, we have the replacements for BULLWINKLE, CLUNKY, and BLINKY.

BULLWINKLE and CLUNKY were black and white printers.  These will be replaced
by a Ricoh brand black and white, printer, scanner, copier unit (model MP 2555).
It's new name and IP address will be:


I have configured that printer and it is ready for use.  Please try it out
and let me know if you see any unexpected behavior.

That printer has *not* yet been set as the default printer.  But it is available
through our print server and can be added manually to your laptops, etc. using
it's name / IP address in the printer setup tool.

BLINKY will be replaced by a Ricoh Color Laser Multifunction Printer (model mpc 307).
The room BLINKY is currently in, PSY 222, will be converted to a storage room and the 
new printer will be located in PSY 232.  This also means that those of you with keys
to PSY 222 may need to get new keys for PSY 232.  This printer's new name and
IP address will be:


At this point in time, BULLWINKLE and BLINKY (and ACRYLICS) have not changed
and are still available for use.  CLUNKY had been removed from service a
while ago.  We are expecting delivery of a Ricoh color printer as replacement
for ACRYLICS at the end of next week.

I will send subsequent emails as the other printers become available and when
the old printers will be removed from service.  Please send all questions and
comments to:

	support at cs.bu.edu


Joseph T. Szep
Manager of Distributed Systems
Department of Computer Science
Boston University
jszep at bu.edu

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