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Subject: Procedure for applying to CTL Summer Workshops and Institutes (refresher)

Dear Colleagues:

I hope you all all enjoying your summers. This email describes the procedures you should use for submitting proposals for CTL workshops and institutes from your faculty. I sent a version of this information to chairs and directors in April, but since a number of these positions have turned over, it bears sending again.

As you know, the CTL is sponsoring a number of compensated professional-development workshops and institutes to help faculty revise their courses or develop new courses for the BU Hub.  Information about these events can be found here:


Please use the following procedure to submit applications for CTL Summer Workshops and Institutes:

1. Faculty member wishing to attend workshop or institute completes Hub Course Development Stipends (HCDS) Application, available for download on the CTL website (URL above).

2. Faculty member submits form to the department chair or program director for a signature.

3. Department chair or program director (or delegate) emails form to casuap at bu.edu<mailto:casuap at bu.edu>.  (This email address is for the CAS Undergraduate Academic Program Office. Please do not send applications to Joseph Bizup, Daryl Healea, or Peter Law directly. We are trying to funnel all applications for CTL workshops and institutes through the office address.)

4. CAS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies will review and forward to CTL for consideration.

It would be helpful if you would use the following protocol for naming the file and in your subject line:

HCDS Application Workshop OR Institute FACULTY-NAME XX ###

For example: If I were to apply to attend a workshop to revise a course in English, I would name the file "HCDS Application Workshop Bizup EN 333.” If I were to apply for an institute, I would similarly name the file "HCDS Application Institute Bizup EN 333.”  (Please try not to use generic file names or subject lines such as “BU Hub” or “application.”)

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. The Undergraduate Academic Program Office won’t reject applications that aren’t submitted according to the procedures described above, but following them will help us process and keep track of the many applications we are receiving.

Below, finally, are some answers to questions of general interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.



Joseph Bizup
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies
College of Arts & Sciences
Boston University


When will a faculty member who attends a workshop or institute receive the stipend?

A faculty member who attends a CTL Hub Course Development workshop or institute will the stipend (payable as either a one-time taxable stipend or as a one-time Research Fund contribution to be spent within the fiscal year in which the award is made) when the following conditions have been met:
(1) a proposal for the course the faculty member is developing or revising is submitted through CourseLeaf: https://curriculum-courseleaf.bu.edu/genedadmin/
(2) the proposal is approved by the faculty member’s department/program
(3) the proposal is approved by the CAS General Education Curriculum Committee (note that this committee may request further revisions before approving a course)
(3) the proposal is submitted by CAS to the university’s General Education Committee

Can a single faculty member submit proposals to attend more than one workshop or institute?

Yes. If a faculty member is developing or revising multiple courses for the BU Hub, that faculty member may attend multiple workshops or institutes and receive multiple stipends. Each workshop or institute must be for a unique course; a faculty member cannot receive more than one stipend for the same course.

How many times does a course for which a stipend is awarded need to be offered (3 in 4 rule)?

When a chair or director approves a faculty member's application to attend a CTL Hub Course Development workshop or institute, the chair or director is committing the department or program to offering the course three times in four years. Therefore, before approving these applications, chairs and directors need to be sure that their departments and programs have the capacity (including the budget and the requisite faculty) to fulfill this commitment before forwarding the applications to CAS. If a department or program can’t accommodate that “3 in 4” commitment, the chair or director should not approve the application.

What can be done if a course doesn’t fit the categories for the proposal form?

There may be some exceptional cases: co-taught courses, cross-listed courses, short courses, BU Hub experiences that involve multiple courses or co-curriculars activities, etc. In those cases, just use your common sense in putting together the application. If the CAS Undergraduate Academic Program Office has a question, we will contact you.
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