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Mon Jan 30 00:32:48 EST 2017

Dear Faculty,

Ziba Cranmer and I have thought about what the Institute can do to show support for students and to build a sense of community as it relates to the negativity and anxiety surrounding the Executive Order. We have come up with the idea of organizing a dinner and informal conversation for students, faculty, staff, and friends of Hariri on Tuesday starting at 5pm. Ziba has designed the attached flyer, and we have a Hariri web site blog post for the event (with RSVP requested to help us gauge interest and how much food to order).

Here is the link: http://www.bu.edu/hic/2017/01/29/we-stand-together/

You are hereby invited! And, please send this along to any of students (grads or undergrads) who you think would be interested.

Obviously, this will not be open to anybody from outside. And, yes, we are likely to make it a Middle-Eastern-themed dinner :)

I have also send a direct invite to the grad students that I know who are affected (Rawane, Kinan, Maryam, Bashir, Mehrnoosh, Sanaz, and Esmail)...

[Chris: Ziba and I were hoping that you will help us by advertising this to all CS students (especially masters and undergrads)...]

Of course, we are open to any suggestions.



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