[Cs-affiliates] PhD admissions update and action items

Evimaria Terzi evimaria at bu.edu
Tue Jan 17 13:30:08 EST 2017

Hi all,

sorry for the long email, but you need to read till the end :)

The PhD-admissions committee met on Friday and, based on your 
recommendations we decided on 54 accepts. We allocated the following 

DF: Dean fellowships (8 semesters could be offered)
MSR: Master-returns fellowships (45 semesters could be offered)
chair: Chair fellowships that comes as a 5K sign-up bonus. (15 chair 
fellowships could be offered)

We think that we are now ready to admit 54 students, but we need your 
approval to move forward.

First this excell sheet 
has the results of our friday meeting.

In the sheet you can see for every student how we propose he/she is funded 
for every semester and who we recommend to be his/her advisor. You can 
also see on the right which faculty members endorsed the students during 
this process.

On the very right you can also see statistics with respect to the DF, MSR 
and Chair fellowships as allocated to students per group (all numbers you 
see are in terms of semesters requested or given :))

Your action items:

For each faculty listed as a recommended advisor you need to verify that 
you indeed want to be this students' advisor. This would mean that moving 
forward after the first year you would be willing to fund this student 
through your RA or TF lines, given that the student does well.
Please send an email to me and jennifer to verify or reject such 
For every verified student we will be able to send an offer.

There are still approximately 15-20 semesters of TF-based offers (i.e., 
8-10 students). These students will be identified at our final meeting 
with the committee this friday. So, please send your recommendations. Such 
students will need to be supported on your own summer funding (or the 
remaining 3 semesters of MSR fellowships -- though we may want to leave 
some of them unused as we are operating on the assumption that only 1/3 
of the students will accept our offers).

Now if you go to the old excel sheet:

some students are marked as red. These are students the committee felt are 
below the bar and therefore we think should not be accepted on a 
fellowship (though you can accept them as RAs if you want).

Some students are marked as green, magenta or pink. These are students 
that we will revisit next Friday -- along with others you want to propose.

thanks a lot for your collaboration,


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"
(A. Einstein)

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