[Cs-affiliates] CS faculty search candidate visit 2/1 - Raymond Cheng

Devits, Christopher R cdevits at bu.edu
Wed Feb 1 06:14:27 EST 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

A reminder, we have a faculty candidate talk this morning at 11:00AM in the Hariri Institute seminar room. Details below.




Speaker: Raymond Cheng

Title: Privacy as a Service

Current cloud services are vulnerable to hacks and surveillance programs that undermine user privacy and personal liberties. In this talk, I present how we can build practical systems for protecting user privacy from powerful persistent threats.

I will discuss Talek, a private publish-subscribe protocol. With Talek, application developers can send and synchronize data through the cloud without revealing any information about data contents or communication patterns of application users. The protocol is designed with provable security guarantees and practical performance, 3-4 orders of magnitude better throughput than other systems with comparable security goals. I will also discuss Radiatus, a security-focused web framework to protect web apps against external intrusions, and uProxy, a Internet censorship circumvention tool in deployment today.

Raymond Cheng is a PhD student working with Thomas Anderson and Arvind Krishnamurthy at the University of Washington. Previously, he spent several years conducting security research in the US government. Raymond's research area is in building practical systems for security and privacy. He has published 6 papers in top systems conferences, including OSDI, Eurosys, and SOCC. In addition, Raymond has been an invited speaker at universities and research labs, such as Stanford, Microsoft Research, Google, and Palantir.
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