[Cs-affiliates] Remaining department visits - Friday April 7 (today)

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Fri Apr 7 10:33:21 EDT 2017

Happy Friday Everyone,

A reminder that our final guest is today - Ron Rothblum. His talk will be at 11:00AM (in 30 minutes) in the Hariri Institute, and student meeting will be at 3:30-4:15 in MCS 148. His talk information is below as well.

Once again, thanks for your participation this semester.



Presenter: Ron Rothblum
Seminar Date + time: Friday April 7, 11:00AM
Location: Hariri Institute Seminar Room

Title: How to Prove the Correctness of Computations.

Abstract: In recent years much of the focus in cryptography has shifted from the classical goals of securing communication to securing computation. Authenticating the correctness of computations has emerged as a central challenge in this new frontier. For example, we want to enable a client with limited computational resources (such as a smartphone or tablet) to outsource an expensive computation to a powerful, but untrusted, server.

In the talk we will discuss new results that allow the client to verify the correctness of the computation. These techniques, which are generic (rather than being tailored to specific computations), ensure that:

1. The client's verification process is extremely efficient (and in particular, far less expensive than re-executing the computation).

2. The server's overhead in proving the correctness of the computation is minimal (i.e., not much more than the cost of merely performing the computation).

Website: http://people.csail.mit.edu/ronr/
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