[Cs-affiliates] Spring 2017 TF/TA candidates (short by 11 TF/TAs!)

Matta, Abraham I matta at bu.edu
Wed Nov 30 12:29:03 EST 2016

Hello everyone, here is the list of PhD students who are considered for TF in Spring 2017. Only 17 students so far. Please email me ASAP if you have other PhD students to add to the list, before we start considering MS students for TA (so far, we have 4 requests for TA). FYI, the target number of TFs (and TAs) for spring is 32! Thanks.
PhDs (TF candidates)
Tomislav Petrovic
Qiaobin Fu
Hanwen Wu
Rawane Issa
Kinan Dak
Craig Einstein
Weicheng Ma
Xiao Zhou
Kun He
Maryam Ghasemi
Zhuoqun Cheng
Katherine Zhao
Soham Sinha
Mark Lemay
Hannah Flynn
Wenxin Feng
Jim Cadden

MS (requests for TA positions)
Gautam Bhat
Kai Bernardini
Anirvan Maiti 
Maulik Shah

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