[Cs-affiliates] Fall 2016 Course Evaluations have been distributed to your mailboxes (Due Monday December 12th)

Streubel, Jennifer jenn4 at bu.edu
Tue Nov 29 14:01:41 EST 2016

Good Afternoon,
Your evaluation materials will be distributed into your mailboxes today.  Please note these are to be distributed for each individual  lab/class section separately.  (DO NOT MIX COURSE OR LAB SECTIONS)  Please designate an honorable student to hand deliver the completed evaluations to the Computer Science Main Office room 138.  .  Please also note that the evaluations must be returned in the original bar-coded envelope.  The evaluations should be distributed as soon as possible as the last day of classes is Monday December 12th.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You Very Much!!!
Jennifer Streubel

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