[Cs-affiliates] UPDATE: Spring 2017 TF/TA candidates (short on TF/TAs!)

Matta, Abraham I matta at bu.edu
Fri Dec 23 11:45:10 EST 2016

Hi everyone, thanks to all who provided feedback and suggestions in response to my last TF/TA email. I am still working on the TF/TA assignments, recruiting and interviewing MS or BA/MS students to fill our shortage of TFs, but attached is the TENTATIVE version, just FYI. I will continue to work on filling in missing slots (CS 101, 103, 105, 108, 132, 350) over the break. Please do NOT share these tentative assignments with students yet since a few changes may need to be made. We also still need to get approval from GRS right after the break, so hope all TF/TA assignments will be finalized and confirmed early in the new year. Happy New Year!

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    Hi everyone, following up on our TF crisis from yesterday’s discussion… Below is an updated list of TF and TA candidates. FYI, the target number of TFs (and TAs) for spring is 31!
    Only 18 PhD students so far, candidates for TF. Again, please email me ASAP if you have other PhD students to add to the TF list, before we start considering MS/MA students for TA (or possibly PhD/MA students from other departments, e.g. Math – more on this below).
    So far, we have 8 requests for TA, 5 of which are recommended by faculty (see below). Considering those 5 recommendations, that would bring the number to 23 TF/TAs, so still short 8 TF/TAs. I would really like us to hire TF/TAs who we know are good, so please let me know if you can recommend strong MS students to serve as TA. 
    NOTE: it is also possible to hire PhD (or MS/MA) students from other departments (e.g., Math), given CAS approval. Let me know if you know of any who are strong and willing, and we can try. THANKS.


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