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Hello Everyone,

I would like to invite you all to come observe student presentations for the Mobile App Development Course, CS 591 E1.

Projects cover a broad range of topics and technologies.  Some utilize IoT devices for behavior modification (shock therapy), others consume sensor data to track and report driving habits, and three projects are the result of industry collaboration with GE Digital and Pavlok.  All projects incorporate security/authentication as well as a database back-end.

I have attached project descriptions (as described by the students).  Please RSVP to me via email, so we can get a head count for food/drink.

The location is CAS-313<http://www.bu.edu/classrooms/classroom/cas-313/> though this may change (so please RSVP). The time is from 5-8p, December 7, 2016.   You don't have to stay for the entire set of presentations.  All are welcome.

Thank you,


CS-591 E1, Mobile Application Development
Fall 2016


Team: Never Fail
Members: Yehui Huang, Linshan Jiang, Wenjun Shen, Tianyang Zhong
App: Hurry up!

Annoyed by people who are always late? Our app is the best social application for party planning. We hope everyone is having fun, with no people ruin the party by being late. Our application not only helps you plan for parties with your friends but also offers more functionalities than any existing application - we allow users specify party time and place ahead of time. Thus, we can notify you of your upcoming events, and track your party members' locations using Google map in real time so that you know exactly where your friends are. We also maintain scores for everyone - award users who always arrive on time by raising user scores, and friendly remind those who are late by lowering their ratings. Our ranking system also adds a little fun to this app by showing customers top ten highest-score users and lowest score users. In this way, our application integrates party planning with behavior monitoring which lights a way for modern application.


Team: The A-Team
Members: Nathan Galloway, Ganesh Kalimireddy, Jose Lemus, Karunesh Mahajan
App: Pavlok Driving App (PDA)

The Pavlok Driving App (PDA) is an Android application that interacts with the Pavlok device in order to correct bad driving behavior. Correcting bad driving behavior is done by giving a physical signal to the driver when the driver exhibits bad driving behaviors. We believe that if the app is used continuously over a period of time, users will be able to rid themselves of bad driving habits and make the roads a safer place for everyone.

We envision users using the PDA every time that they get in their car. Our app aims to be as free from distractions as possible in order for the user to focus on driving. We have also made the app very simple to use because we do not want our users to be confused by our app while they are driving. Some of the technologies that our app uses to achieve this functionality are: the google maps API, the Tom Tom API, the pavlok API and the pavlok device itself.


Team: B
Members: Lindsay Chan, Rosy Chen, Jacob Ebstein, Benny Guan
App: Driving Trainer

Driving Trainer, the app that changes lives and bad driving

Regardless of where we are in the world, texting and driving is a problem. And despite constant efforts from the government and the constant reminders on the road to enforce no-texting and driving laws, it still persists. The Driving Trainer seeks to train individuals to follow driving laws through negative reinforcements. The app is used in conjunction with a Pavlok, "a wearable device that uses operant conditioning<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operant_conditioning> through haptic feedback to modify behavior" (Wikipedia).

To start the application, the user logs in and sets their destination and a customized message which will be sent to anyone calling during the duration of their trip. Once those are set, the app is ready to go and the user can start driving. If the user opens any messaging app during their trip, the app will send a stimulus shock to the user to prompt the user to put down their phone. This will cause the user to associate texting and driving with pain, which research shows it is an efficient way to break bad habits.

Naturally, we would also want the user to be free of any distraction while on the road, so a call blocker is also implemented into the app. The call blocker will block any incoming calls and send the customized message to the caller. The Pavlok device will also be used to notify any other Driving Trainer users within a 30 foot radius if any other user is texting while driving by sending out a vibration. An additional feature that Driving Trainer has is that it is able to detect the speed at which the user is driving at. If the speed approaches 80% of the speed limit, the Pavlok will send a beep and vibration to the user. If the speed limit is surpassed, the user is zapped and their parent/guardian are notified via text.


Members: Amanda Doss, Xiaofan Ma, Da Shu, Chuxiang Zhou,
Daniel Brown
App: GE Digital, Predix

A big part of GE digital is the ability to minimize downtime. The question is who is minimizing the downtime for GE? GE is built on the success of their factories being able to create machines, repair parts, and other products quickly and efficiently. If there is an error with a GE machine, it could end up costing thousands of dollars. And, what if other machines depend on the proper operation of that machine? There could be a domino effect, where if one machine is incorrectly working, it could end up costing GE thousands of dollars for every minute of improper operation. There has to be a way to minimize that. Our answer is an Android application.

Our Android application detects immediately when a GE machine makes a crucial error in the construction of a product.  The anomalies are sent directly to the application where a GE employee can review and respond to them by sending a message to specified contacts.  These contacts are able to file a repair order to fix the machine ultimately saving time and money. We employ GE's Predix, their industrial cloud platform, in conjunction with our Android application to make a truly unique product that can be used by all GE employees.


Team: NOGE
Members: Rebecca Graber, Li-Ke Ko, Claudia Ng, Qi Wang
App: BUddy

BUddy is a social app designed to help BU students connect with each other by organizing and attending small events. Students create events, for example, going to the gym, getting food at the dining hall, or studying in the library. Other students would then be able to search for, view, and join these events, or message the event creator to get more details. BUddy is different from other social media in that it is event-based rather than person-based. Users choose events to attend rather than people to meet, looking at event details rather than personal details. Students log in with their BU email through the Google Sign-in API and Kerberos, ensuring that the app is only available to BU students. Once a student is an established BU user, they may also log in with Facebook if desired. All user and event data is stored in Firebase. BUddy also uses Google maps to aid students in finding the events they will be attending.


Team: Emu
Members:Joseph Driver, Andrew Lee, Yang Shen, Aleksander Skjoelsvik, Jian Zhou
App: Office Hours

Office Hours Provides a Central Resource for Professor and Class Information.
We are using firebase to store all of the information specific to our system.

To provide users with a starting dataset we've also built a webscraper using Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

Once we have the initial dataset, the app provides users with a simple profile that records their classes for easy reference, a search and ratings functionality on both classes and professors, tools to sort by highly rated classes and professors, and tools for users to update both data sets in case of erroneous or outdated information.

Most importantly this is a quick and easy reference for information that is otherwise difficult to find on the myriad of BU sites.


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