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Dear CS Faculty:

Please see the note below from Jack Ammerman, Assoc University Librarian.    Some of the textbooks needing review are in Computer Science.  If anyone is interested in helping out this laudable effort, please contact Jack.


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Subject: Open Textbook Network info

Good morning,

I mentioned to Nancy a couple nights ago that the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), of which we are a member, has joined the Open Textbook Network. http://research.cehd.umn.edu/otn/ The Libraries haven’t publicized this much during the summer, but we are hoping to introduce the OTN to faculty this fall. From the message below, it appears that BLC funds are still available for small ($200) stipends for faculty to review a book in the Open Textbook Network. This is not a commitment to use or write open textbooks, simply an incentive for a few faculty members to look at an OTN text book closely enough to write a review. We are hoping this might be a way to begin introducing the idea of using open educational resources here at BU. We discussed whether $200 is a sufficient incentive and wondered whether we should think about matching funds to supplement the BLC stipend. We are certainly open to your advice.

The Open Textbook Network is part of the larger open educational resources (OER) movement. It tries to address a couple issues that I believe are important to BU faculty and students. First, it attempts to provide high quality textbooks that are either in the public domain or licensed in such a way as to allow instructors and students to use and re-use the content without fear of violating copyright restrictions. Second, it attempts to reduce the cost incurred by students for textbooks. UMASS Amherst Libraries have been leaders in this effort. Since 2011, they report a total savings of over $1.3 for students in classes that use open educational resources. http://www.library.umass.edu/services/teaching-and-learning/oer/open-education-initiative/

If there are CAS faculty that you think would be interested, I’ll be happy to talk with them. If there is sufficient interest, we could do a small workshop to provide additional information.

Best Regards,


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Jack Ammerman |  Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives & Open Access
Boston University Libraries
771 Commonwealth Ave. | Boston University |Boston, Massachusetts 02215
617.353.3710 | jwa at bu.edu<mailto:jwa at bu.edu>

Hello BLC Open Education folks,

Hello BLCsters,

As mentioned at our Open Textbook Network/BLC event in the Spring, the BLC will be offering incentives to BLC members for faculty who attend a workshop and review a textbook in the Open Textbook Network. BLC members will receive 2-3 stipends on a first come, first serve basis. If you expect, or receive, more interest from faculty than the BLC stipends will support, you must find additional funds yourselves. Stipends are $200 each. We’ve included additional step by step instructions below for how to proceed if you are interested. I will continue to facilitate the process and can answer any questions you may have.

BLC Open Textbook Workshop Process

  *   When your institution decides to support an open textbook workshop on your campus, contact me (jlsmith at library.umass.edu<mailto:jlsmith at library.umass.edu>) to determine the amount of funding available from the BLC. Any additional funds required (beyond those provided by the BLC) is the responsibility of the institution.
  *   Schedule your workshop: Pick a date and a due date for reviews (about 6 weeks after the workshop) and contact me (jlsmith at library.umass.edu<mailto:jlsmith at library.umass.edu>) with workshop information (workshop date, review due-date, contact for faculty questions).
  *   Invite faculty - Once you decide on a date, Jeremy will send you a link to a folder on Google drive with materials (communication templates, recruitment strategies, etc.) for you to use to setup your workshop.
  *   Create attendance list using Google Sheets or Forms with the following columns: email address, first name, last name (there is an attendance list example in Google Drive). Set the permissions on the spreadsheet so “Anyone with the link” can view it. Have this spreadsheet open on a computer in the lab for people to sign in, or have them sign in on paper and fill in the spreadsheet yourself.
  *   Have a great workshop!
  *   Let me know that the workshop is complete, and that the attendance list is accurate. Review invitations will be sent to everyone on the list.
  *   The BLC will be in touch with you to arrange the transfer of funds to your institution.
  *   Faculty complete reviews by due date.
  *   Workshop participants will be sent a follow-up survey link.
  *   OTN will send a spreadsheet to me that shows who completed a review, and their responses on the follow-up survey (including faculty’s adoption decision). Jeremy will send this data to you so you know which faculty successfully completed a review and should receive a stipend.
  *   Payment is sent to faculty by the institution.

Jeremy Smith

Digital Projects Manager in Scholarly Communication

Communication Department Liaison

University of Massachusetts Amherst

154 Hicks Way

Amherst MA 01003


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